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AND   NOW^   HAVING   COMPLETED   OUT   picture   of
what the saner elements in human society may
reasonably work for and hope for, having cleared
away the horrible nightmares of the class war
and the totalitarian slave-state from our Imagina-
tions, we are able to attack the Immediate riddles
of International conflict and relationship with
some hope of a general solution. If we realise
to the depths of our being, that a world settlement
based In the three Ideas of socialism, law and
knowledge, is not only possible and desirable,
but the only way of escape from deepening disas-
ter, then manifestly our attitude towards the
resentments of Germany, the prejudices of
America or Russia, the poverty and under-
nourishment of India or the ambitions of Japa%
must be frankly opportunist. None of these are
primary issues. We sane men must never lose
sight of our ultimate objective, but our methods